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Yale West: The 80s vs 90s Happy Hour and Trivia - Yale West Blog

Yale West: The 80s vs 90s Happy Hour and Trivia

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Pitting the totally tubular against all that and a bag of chips! The radical to the max against those gettin’ jiggy with it! Call them bogus or tell them to talk to the hand! It's the 80s vs the 90s! 

That’s right on Tuesday, August 16th at 5:30 pm, the DC Fray and ‘80s Babies have teamed up to create a very special happy hour event. The 80s vs 90s Happy Hour + Trivia at Cloak & Dagger on August 16th from 5:30 pm until 8:30 pm!

Test your knowledge of 80’s and 90’s trivia, connect with others over a drink, and sing and dance to your heart's desire! 

The first 25 people attendees will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival. Then, there will be three rounds of themed trivia. 

Additionally, all participants will be automatically entered into a raffle, and trivia winners will receive a gift card upon securing victory over their competition. 

Themed attire encouraged! Break out those vintage vibes.

Lastly, delicious prizes will be provided by those over at South Block and gift cards by Starbucks. The sonic vibes will be carefully curated by none other than DC's own DJ Mim!

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