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Experience England’s Best Indian Cuisine at London Curry House - Yale West Blog

Experience England’s Best Indian Cuisine at London Curry House

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London’s rich and diverse culinary scene is all thanks to an equally diverse population, which is why Indian food weighs so heavily into the equation. One dish that you’ll find at eateries all across the bustling English city is curry. London Curry House brings the most popular of those dishes right to our backyard in Washington, D.C.

With colorful, classic English scenes splashed across the walls, you’ll feel almost as if you’re really enjoying dinner across the pond when you dine in at London Curry House. Before you tuck into your curry, start with a few Indian bites like the spicy tandoori wings or the crispy samosas. Then devour a seafood-based dish like the madras fish curry or the spicy shrimp curry. You can also stick with a vegetarian or vegan option, perhaps the mixed veggie curry. But if you really want to try a signature dish, dig into the Dopiaza curry with ginger, red chili, garlic, and onion, plus your choice of chicken, lamb, or goat. For something spicier, the Jaipuri curry will satisfy with its roasted red chili curry topped with cooling yogurt.

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