Grab Artisan Tea at Just Paper & Tea

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The painted brick building that houses Just Paper & Tea sits along a quaint portion of P Street in Georgetown, a swathe seemingly stuck in another time. The beautiful exterior of the boutique hints at what’s inside—a selection of stunning stationery, sweet cards, and gift wrap, and a handful of artisan gifts.

True to its name, Just Paper & Tea specializes in cards and gourmet teas, along with any accessories you may need in either category. So if your someone is into handwritten notes, you might want to pick up a new set of stationery and sit down to write out a love letter. Pair it with a handpicked self-care package—including an artisan-made Japanese iron teapot and a selection of top-shelf loose leaf and bagged teas. The shop boasts an eclectic mix of black, green, white pu-erh, and herbal teas, so there should be something to suit every taste (and every desired caffeine level). If your special someone could use a morning boost, treat them to a few ounces of caffeinated black tea, such as the European black lavender or the China lychee. For a warming sip sans the jolt, grab the tropical mango rooibos, the organic peppermint, or the Egyptian chamomile tea instead.

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