Savor Fusion Fare at Immigrant Food, Now Open Near Yale West

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“Diverse, nourishing, and welcoming.” That’s how Immigrant Food’s owner and chef Enrique Limardo describes America. With his newly debuted outpost at The Planet Word Museum, he strives to evoke the American experience with each serving of dim sum, every fusion bowl, and every small plate.

Stop in on your lunch hour if you want to savor one of his signature bowls. The Viet Vibes, for instance, showcases a base of rice noodles and veggies with adobo chicken and a pho-inspired dressing drizzled on top. It’s the most popular thing on the menu. But the Mumbai Mariachi with its spiced steak and the Asian salmon with its roasted Napa cabbage are also top contenders. If you stop in for dinner, pay the flat $25 fee for dim sum and let your taste buds go globetrotting. Try the tuna tartar dumplings with pineapple and shiso leaf alongside the Latin wontons with plantains and cilantro. Wash down the dim sum with a cocktail before sharing a few more small plates from across the globe, perhaps the Asian cauliflower and the Thai steak or the almond ricotta salad and the swordfish carpaccio.

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