Shop More Than 70 Vendors at the 17th Annual Downtown Holiday Market in DC

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Tree ornaments. Decorative prints. Handcrafted scarves. You never know quite what you’ll find at the 17th Annual Downtown Holiday Market, and that’s part of its appeal. Every year, this outdoor market welcomes more than 70 vendors, typically in two sessions, with one down day in between. This year, the first set of 30-plus artisans will showcase their wares until December 5th, with the second group stepping in on December 7th—check out the distinct rosters if you have your heart set on a specific gift.

But if you’re just looking for a way to support local businesses while you do your holiday shopping, stop by the market on F Street NW between now and December 23rd. It takes over two city blocks with vendor booths, allowing plenty of space for guests to navigate the market while still maintaining some distance from their fellow shoppers. As you browse everything from handcrafted decor to vintage clothing, don’t forget to check out the hot food, live music, and other festive extras at the 17th Annual Downtown Holiday Market near the National Portrait Gallery.

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