Shop the Essentials (and More!) at Old City Market and Oven

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Pizzas are fresh from the wood-fired oven. Zucchini and summer squash are harvested from nearby fields. Beer crafted in D.C.-based breweries. These are just a few of the things that you’ll find at Old City Market and Oven. Part grocery store, part eatery, part gift shop, it has just about everything you could need.

What’s more, since it’s a small, local market, the team personally handpicks everything that’s in stock. That means they’ve actually tried the foods, sipped the brews, and otherwise sampled the entire inventory, and they can vouch for each and every product. So you can rest assured you’ll find nothing but the very best on the shelves. In addition to the groceries and prepared foods, Old City Market and Oven also stocks items like toys and art supplies, artisan-made soaps, and even vinyl records featuring local musicians. Then there are the quirky in-store touches, such as a piano that’s open to the public for playing and a projection screen in the dining room, where a movie is almost always playing while you eat.

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